The church recognises its responsibilities in safeguarding all children and adults at risk, regardless of gender, ethnicity or ability.

As members of Stour Valley Baptist Church, we commit ourselves to the nurturing, protection and safekeeping of all associated with the church and will pray for them regularly.  In pursuit of this, we commit ourselves to this policy and to the development of sound procedures to ensure we implement our policy well.

It is the duty of each one of us to help prevent the abuse of children and adults at risk, and to respond to concerns about the wellbeing of children and adults at risk. Any abuse disclosed, discovered or suspected will be reported in accordance with our procedures. The church will fully cooperate with any statutory investigation into any suspected abuse linked with the church.

The Church is committed to following Home Office guidelines and our policy will reflect current best practice and procedures advocated by the Baptist Union of Great Britain.

The church is committed to supporting, resourcing and training in safeguarding those who work, whether paid or voluntary, with children and adults at risk and to provide them with supervision.  Each worker will have appropriate DBS clearance. They will be given a full copy of the policy and will be asked to sign to confirm that they will follow it. Our safeguarding policy is on our website and available on request.