About Us

What we believe

We believe God is perfect and created a perfect world. But all people have ‘messed up’ and spoilt the perfect world God wanted. We believe that God is a God of justice and couldn’t just let us off for all the ways we mess up His perfect world. We believe that because God loves us, He sent Jesus to live a perfect life and to die a death he didn’t deserve. He literally paid the price for us messing up God’s perfect world.  He did this so that we could know real forgiveness and a new life that we don’t deserve. We believe that Jesus was raised from the dead, has returned to heaven and will come back to Earth in glory one day soon.

We believe that God loves us and is our Father and creator and that he sent Jesus to show us how we can find God and know him.

In the meantime, we believe that we are called to be filled with his Spirit, share our faith, and to live according to his Word, the Bible.

The Team