Coming to a new church or meeting new people can always seem a bit intimidating. But we’re a friendly, down to earth bunch who love to see new faces! I would just reassure you that if you are a parent with little ones or teenagers, if you are a teenager or a twenty or thirty something, married or single, or maybe even in your eighties – if you come along to SVBC you are more likely than not to see ‘someone like you’.

Rev Daniel Pulham

My hope is that you would also see a people who are changing and want to be changed more. As a community our heart’s desire is actually to become more and more like Jesus. We see our heavenly Father in Him and read wisdom for our lives in His words. We seek His Spirit to equip and transform us into people who can make a difference in our workplaces, schools, families and communities. We aspire to be ‘the best community in the community’. Whilst we hold God in the highest esteem and seek to always to be reverential, we know how religious ritual can leave people cold. So, we aim to make our services, relaxed, relevant and, above all, real.

We believe in a living God who wants to meet with us more than we want to meet with Him and who wants to speak to us, challenge, change and encourage us with his power and love. So come along and let us welcome you, see whether we really are relaxed, relevant and real, come join us in being changed and – most of all come as you are – don’t wait till life is better or more sorted. God can’t work in us as we were or as we will be – he can only work in us as we are right now! We hope to see you soon!


Ann and Will, members of SVBC, run The House of Bread. We commend their ministry to you.

The House of Bread